Program Overview

The Memphis Institute for Leadership Education (MILE) Program is a program within the Fogelman College of Business and Economics designed to provide additional leadership education for business students. Its specific mission is to prepare FCBE students to be future leaders in the city of Memphis through leadership development programs and mentoring.

Key aspects of this mission is that the MILE program:

  • Targets primarily FCBE students and in particular FCBE undergraduate students
  • Specifically focuses on developing the future leaders of Memphis and the Mid-South
  • Encompass a variety of leadership development activities
  • Has as a leadership mentoring program as a primary component

The MILE experience provides a structured leadership learning experience for both the mentor and protégé. The Lecture series topics are designed to teach leadership skills in a variety of areas, but we all know that there are some things in life that are only learned with experience. Mentors and protégés typically participate together in activities outside of the monthly MILE meetings.

These mentor/protégé activities may include:

  • Mock Interviews (Conduct and schedule mock interviews with your protégé)
  • Networking (Take your protégé to a networking event and introduce them to business leaders)
  • Job Shadowing (Help your protégé understand “a day in the life of you”)
  • Business Meetings (Allow your protégé to sit in on a board meeting)
  • Volunteer Activities (Mentors and protégés participate in volunteer work for the community)
  • If I Had Only Known Exercise (Communicate words of wisdom with your protégé)