Benefits for Mentors:

  • Additional leadership education unavailable to others
  • Local and national guest speakers
  • Certification Program that distinguishes participants for their extra effort
  • Networking opportunities with other business leaders
  • Greater Involvement in the Fogelman College of Business Alumni Association
  • Early access to a group of high ability students who might be potential employees
  • Opportunity to get to know Fogelman College of Business Alumni Association
  • Make a difference in the lives of young people!

Mentor Responsibilities:

According to the dictionary, a mentor is a wise and trusted teacher or counselor, so for your protégé you should be just that…

One great way to start is to know your protégé


One who leads or a directing head………

  • Guide your protégé in the proper direction with career, college, and behavior.
  • As a leader you have to be available for you protégé when they need you to be present.
  • You have to be able to communicate to your protégé.
  • As a leader you have to be able to be a role model.
  • Guiding them in the proper direction for financial stability.
  • Giving them the layouts of the does and do not’s of business and etiquette.


  • Be familiar with their major.
  • Ask your protégé their plans.
  • If they do not have any plans, make some suggestions that could be of interest to them.
  • What are their goals short and long term?
  • Explain to them the importance of setting goals.